Things To Consider When You Need A Fragile Self Storage Solution

Your living space is limited in size. Over the years, you might have accumulated so much personal property that you begin to run of space at home. One option is to sell some of your belongings. However, you probably have many family items that have sentimental value to you, which you want to keep in the family. What can you do about these precious belongings, especially things that are delicate and fragile, when your home has no room for them? One solution is to store these items in a fragile self storage environment.

Look for a storage company that has experience in handling fragile items. They can advise you on how to pack these items appropriate in order to protect them from damage or breakage. Items should be wrapped with the right materials so that even if an item hits against something else, the wrap will have enough cushion to guard the item from the blow.

If you have large items and are unsure if you can move them safely yourself, find a company that includes both moving and storage services. The company can help you pack these fragile items and move them into your storage unit.

Units for fragile storage should be equipped with temperature control so that your precious items will be stored in a good environment. This is important especially if you have antiques made from wood that can warp with extreme changes of the temperature and humidity level.

If things need to be stacked, the lightest and smallest items should always go on top. Pack your storage unit strategically to make your items accessible if you ever want to get to them.

Label your storage boxes with the content that is inside, and make sure that this label is secure on your box. When you pack, have the label facing forward so that you can see the label without turning any boxes. It might be a good idea to label a large box on several sides to facilitate viewing.

If you have to store fragile furniture during a move or during a home renovation, make sure that your furniture is covered with moving blankets for protection. If you need to put boxes on top of furniture, make sure that you use a protective padding beneath the box to avoid scratching your furniture.

The facility that is providing you with fragile self storage should provide you with security of the premises around the clock. See if they offer camera surveillance. The locks should be solid and secure, and no one but yourself should have the key to your storage space.

Plan for your move as much as you can. Try to allow yourself as much time as you need because rushing through it raises the risk of damaging your items. Avoid moving heavy items by yourself because you risk injuring yourself and damaging your property. When you have the right preparations, the move of your fragile items will go much more smoothly.